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Totem ailé

Les Jardins du Musée, 300 rue Saint-Pierre, Rivière-du-Loup (Québec)


Winged Totem

Modular assemblage in wood, 527 x 610 x 201 cm, 1984

Work inaugurated in 2004

Gift of the artist

Robert Roussil was born in Montreal in 1925, east of the Mount Royal plateau. Having fought on European soil during the Second World War, he came back to Quebec and studied at the École du Musée des beaux-arts in Montreal from 1945 to 1946. He taught there briefly (1947-48), then dedicated himself completely to a career marked by audacity, originality and courage. He emigrated to France in 1956 and established a permanent residence there.

“Winged Totem,” created in 1984, takes up a theme dear to Roussil, that of anthropozoological forms. A creature, at once abstract, animal, and, paradoxically, quasi-human, emerges from the ground. Carrying a symbol, the beast advances towards us, fiercely expressing the audacity of the artist who has learned how to defy sculptural conventions by deftly arranging such non-figurative elements as circles and semicircles. “Winged Totem” finally seduces us by the undulation of the wings which create the illusion of movement by referring to mythological air-borne figures.