Saint-François Xavier de VigerSaint-François Xavier de Viger
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123, rue Principale, Saint-François-Xavier-de-Viger (Québec)
Phone: 418-497-2302

Gentile: Vigérois and Vigéroise

Population: 245



The parish of Saint-François was born in the heart of a territory whose origins lie in the seigneurial regime, imported from France by French immigrants. Here is the reason for this brief historical reminder of Canton Viger. The Municipality was dissolved in 1945 before being reopened 5 years later, in 1950. It experienced different situations which brought it another chance. Saint-François-Xavier-de-Viger is therefore a young town of 70 years old.


Tourist history:

A lake is located on the territory of Saint-François-Xavier-de-Viger. This is Lac Pouliac. Access is possible from the 8th row. Its geographical position offers it a panoramic view of the river.


Credit: Mélanie Jean - N. Gagnon