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49, rue de l'Église - bureau 101, Saint-Arsène (Québec)
Phone: 418-867-2205

Gentile: Arsénois and Arsénoise

Population: 1230



The municipality of Saint-Arsène was founded on June 1, 1848. The characteristic cooperation of the Arsenians will be the secret of their success while facilitating financial support and the provision of necessary goods and services. Agriculture favored by sandy plateaus quickly became a flourishing diversified sector, not to mention dairy farming. The arrival of the railway in 1874 contributed to development.

Tourist history:

Saint-Arsène is a municipality where there is a wide variety of agricultural businesses ranging from maple syrup production to field cereal crops, animal breeding and alcohol production. Therefore, you should not miss visiting the companies that work to feed the people here every day.

Main attractions:


Credit: Mélanie Jean - N. Gagnon