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261, rue Principale , Saint-Antonin (Québec)
Phone: 418 862-1056

Gentile: Antonien and Antonienne

Population: 4049



It was in 1856 that the municipality of Saint-Antonin was founded. At the time, while agriculture and its kinds of crops and livestock were developing, the company of mills was established: saw, shingles, flour, tobacco, carding wool and pulp . Also present were the services of a butter factory, a cheese factory, a tinsmith, a shoemaker, a forge and an ironwork.

Peatlands occupy a large part of the territory and have never ceased to be exploited since 1945. Peat products are undergoing unprecedented development and transformation. This industry provides jobs and income for hundreds of workers.

Tourist history:

The municipality is recognized in Canada for its rodeo and musical programming, which take place every June, during the Festival Country de Saint-Antonin. The festival brings together more than 30,000 visitors annually. The rodeo is part of Wildtime Production's Canada Cup, culminating in the Festival Western de St-Tite. Saint-Antonin also offers several activities on its territory in summer.

Principaux attraits:

Bergerie Du Pont

Amiski Club de ski de fond et raquette


Camping Lido

Camping chez Jean

Credit: Mélanie Jean - N. Gagnon