Pêche blanche

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18 December 2021 au 27 February 2022
Quai de L’Isle-Verte (rue du Quai), L'Isle-Verte
Phone: 418 605-1973 poste 102

Each year, at the start of winter, a small fishing village settles for about two months on the ice at the mouth of the Verte River, a stone's throw from the L’Isle-Verte wharf. At high tide, this is a must-see event for both amateurs and professionals alike! We then tease for a few hours the rainbow smelt wriggling under the ice ...

Two heated fishing huts are available upon reservation. They can comfortably accommodate six fishermen per cabin. Fishing equipment is provided and access is free for children 12 and under. Each fisherman can harvest a maximum of 60 smelt per day ... but, in addition to the catches, you will leave with wonderful memories with family and friends!