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560, Route de la Montagne, Notre-Dame-du-Portage (Québec)
Phone: 418-862-9163

Gentilé: Portageois and Portageoise

Population: 1151



Notre-Dame-du-Portage was erected as a parish in 1856, separating its territory from the neighboring parishes of Saint-André to the west and Saint-Patrice to the east which has now become Rivière-du-Loup. Around 1875, English-speaking families from Quebec, Montreal and Ontario had started to flock to the Portage, thus changing the rhythm of life of its artisans and small traders grouped near the wharf and at the foot of Chemin-du-Lac. , the access road to the lands of the interior of the country which had taken over from the old hundred-year-old path.

The Portage:

When navigation becomes impossible, the canoeists must dismount and carry their boats on their shoulders, for a route of varying length and more or less ruggedness, to the place where they can once again travel by water. Portages are therefore born from this impossibility of continuing the routes by sea.

Tourist history:

From the end of the 19th century, Notre-Dame-du-Portage became a popular vacation spot. It still remains so, although the reconfiguration of the road network caused a significant decrease in shops and hotels during the second half of the last century.

Main attractions:

École de l'Anse

Parc de la Grève

Quai et Parc de l'Anse

Golf Club



Auberge du Portage

Auberge sur Mer


Pizzeria des Battures

April Bistro

Dining room Auberge du Portage


Credit: N. Gagnon