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L'Ile aux Lièvres

Tapered at the ends, this island reminds some of a ship, while others consider it the world’s smallest continent! An impressive 13 kilometers in length, it cannot be fully explored in one day. Discover natural lookouts, explore deserted beaches edged in brier roses, find a seal dozing on the upper part of the beach… Both wild and inviting, Île aux Lièvres will enchant you.

Société Duvetnor offers a wide range of activities for families wishing to discover and explore the Lower St. Lawrence islands: guided sea and hiking excursions. Various holiday packages and types of accommodations are offered including an overnight stay in a lighthouse and wilderness camping. Cottages are also available on île aux Lièvres.

Les Iles du Pot à l'Eau-de-Vie

A small archipelago of three islands, the Les Iles du Pot à l'Eau-de-Vie offers walking trails and a commented boat tour. Go meet the little penguins from June to mid-July. Night package at the lighthouse available.

L'Ile Verte

On Île Verte it seems like time is running out. We live there at the rhythm of the tides. Take a day to do the island tour. Visit the oldest lighthouse on the St. Lawrence. L'ile Verte welcomes you so much that you will not want to leave! (Variable schedule of the boat, remember to book your place)

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