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Distillery Fils du Roy

37 rue de l'Église, Saint-Arsène
Phone: 418 816-8555

Distillerie Fils du Roy was born from a family passion for quality alcohols. The small distillery cultivates several ingredients to ensure offering quality spirits. The care we put in our gardens is reflected in the unique taste of our local products.

We use traditional copper stills that were forged by hand by an artisan. This type of still more primary gives intense and complex flavors to our products.

Our first distillery was founded in 2012 in the Acadian Peninsula, specifically in Petit-Paquetville. In 2015, the passion for distillation is spreading in the family, a second distillery was born in the Bas-St-Laurent, Quebec. The difference in climate between the two provinces plays an important role in the tastes and personality of our various spirits.