Chocolate factory La Fée Gourmande

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65-C, avenue Morel, Kamouraska
Phone: 418 492-3030


In accordance with the great tradition of French chocolate making, La Fée Gourmande chocolates are made with pure cocoa butter and are cut with a guitar candy slicer and coated by hand. Their ganache fillings allow you to fully appreciate the high cocoa content of the chocolate. Flavoured with flowers, fruits or spices, La Fée Gourmande’s chocolate fillings reveal delicate and unique fragrances.

La Fée Gourmande also prepares several types of caramels that are coated to perfection in dark, milk or white chocolate from around the world. Spreads, fruit candy, nougat, desserts, gelato and sorbets are also handmade on site.

Guided tours of the chocolate factory are available upon reservation.