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415, rue Saint-Georges, Cacouna (Québec)
Phone: 418-867-1781

Gentile: Cacounois and Cacounoise

Population: 1939


Origin of the name :

Cacouna takes its name from the Algonquin (Kokanang) or Cree (Kakwanak) language. According to some historians, three hypotheses are open to us in order to determine which one is most likely to be at the origin of the name:

The first: There have always been and still are porcupines in Cacouna; however, there are also in many municipalities in the province.

The second: There was, on the Gros-Cacouna peninsula, a tribe called the Porcupines, which was exterminated by the Iroquois. This hypothesis seems more plausible than the first.

The third: The Island of Gros-Cacouna, before it was stripped of its trees, on the western part, would have seen the sea resembling a large porcupine and as the Indians had an innate sense of shape, they arrived at Porc-Épic, ie Kakoua-nak. It seems that this is the most plausible hypothesis about the name Cacouna is called.

Tourist history:

By the mid-19th century, attracted by the salty air, beaches and sunsets, wealthy English speakers began to adopt Cacouna as a summer destination. Several luxurious villas still bear witness to this period today.

Main attractions:

Parc Kiskotuk

Parc Fontaine Claire

Boutique d'art autochtone Matuweskewin




Gîte La Veilleuse



Credit: Mélanie Jean - N. Gagnon